I just licked the mayonnaise off an onion.


potency and robustness in our mornings

When brewing coffee, I learned a new trick. I, and I am referring to French Press coffee here of course, first grind up enough, or basically enough, beans and add them into grinder, these are ground quite finely, but not to extremes, and, then, atop this more finely ground pile of coffee, I then add another batch of grounds, this ground more coarsely, with little bits and shards and the occasional whole bean, ensuring a best-of-both-worlds cup in which the fine grounds keep my coffee potent and crisp while the chunky bits on top keep my coffee flavorful and robust. Ooh, and another one is, and this comes from alcohol practice, is to drink a coffee not with milk in the cup, but with milk on the side, a “milk-back” this would be in bar parlance, so a cup of black coffee with a nice tall glass of skim milk beside it to ameliorate some some of the cup’s cut while allowing her blackness to shine

For more on these fascinating caffeinating techniques please refer to the ‘coffee’ tab under topics.

Sugar Lips

Brooklyn’s finest new band North Highlands have been talking to soundbites.com about what they eat, and where and why. The oft unasked questions of music interviews of late such as “has food ever influenced your songwriting?” and “what food would you imagine your music being paired with?” came up, and rightfully so. Food and music occupy a similar place in society. They fill us up, sustain; they inspire our minds and they get us laid; they bring us together and both react directly to changes in season. Learn what to eat when hungover and how to enjoy cabbage with a “chamber-disco” groove, and more, at the intimate aforelinked interview. Music, Food, Brooklyn: North Highlands has it all.

it is summer and there are flies

so i am having a drink. the drink is dewar’s, bitters and ginger ale. it’s called a dark and stormy. and since it is summer and there’re flies, i am up walking around my apartment. scratching, swatting. smoking. lighting candles, putting them out; spilling the wax, cleaning that up. i’d use bug spray if i had it. anything to get rid of these flies. outside it is raining and there probably aren’t these flies, but i’ve been inside and i’ve been working all day and as i goto pickup my drink, i see a fly has flown into my drink and died. shit. i’m not going to drink that, drink flies. (fish ’em out, yea, but what’s the point?) so i goto throw my drink away, see, and i am looking at the fly and i see that it is not one fly in my drink, not one fly but two flies. i see that i am looking at two flies lured by the sweet sugary ginger into diving headfirst into a toxic pool that is my cocktail at 1:30 in the morning when flies aren’t what i need (at least they are together.), and i goto throw out the drink and i start to think (at least they are together, at least they have company. besides it seems…),why should i be throwing the drink away at all? i’m not going to finish it at this point, it’s full of melted ice and gnat guts. (company?) but i start to think, (why throw the drink out? who needs smoking, and pacing and swatting? lighting candles and scratching.) anything to get rid of these flies. (it’s shit.) i set my drink aside and i sit. i don’t smoke, i don’t scratch. i just sit and watch, alone or in twos, as the rest of these flies dive inside my scotch and die.

i had a party

all of my friends were there at once.

There was music, live pieces, some. And more music for dancing.

All the booze is gone, and the couch has been moved.

But no one ate the cheese.

(no one ate the cheese)

It was a battle between snacks and gin,

a survival of the fittest to see who would win.

…and it wasn’t even close.

Now I can’t let this cheese

spoil. can’t let this gin die in vain;

So before I leave town in twenty four hours, it looks like I am going to have to eat

a whole thing of manchego,

a large box of variety entertainment crackers,

a jar of chocolate covered espresso beans,

about two dozen fresh olives peppered with cigarette ash,

another thing of this cheese called “robusto,”

and the better part of a liter of white table wine.

What a fun fucking Friday.

i have nothing to eat

soda is for fatties

High fructose corn syrup is the devil. Stay healthy and please don’t drink soda, ever.